Quality Policy

ChemGroup recognizes that leadership in quality is essential to global leadership in the chemical distribution industry. Therefore, ChemGroup supports a company-wide commitment to quality with an intensive program of customer and employee related Management System directed towards the realization of its goal of being a world-class quality organization offering the best products and services within the chemical distribution industry.

In order to meet this goal, the company pursues the following objectives:

Professionally market products and services, which our customers regard as the best on the market and to observe all regulatory and authority requirements.

To supply the best products and services on the market means that customers experience and believe that:

  • The performance of the product lives up to the specifications.
  • The products show high reliability.
  • Our organization demonstrates high responsiveness to customers needs
  • Provide continuous improvement to the quality system

The employees of ChemGroup are always seen as trustworthy, friendly and competent.

The Company MOTTO for quality is –