Guiding Principals

A portion of our Mission statement says, The organization should conduct its affairs with uncompromising honesty and integrity. People at every level should be expected to adhere to the highest standard of business ethics and to understand that anything less is totally unacceptable. As a practical matter ethical conduct can not be assured by written policies or codes; it must be an integral part of the organization, a deeply ingrained tradition that is passed from one generation of employees to another.

The Directors desiring to be members of good standing in the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CHEMICALS DISTRIBUTORS (NACD), fully adhere to the Code of Management Practices as brought forth in the RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION PROCESS.

The Directors further state and do declare that its’ company and employees adopt the guiding principles as stated by both the Chemical Manufacturers Association as well as those of the NACD. We and all of our employees consider it our responsibility to utilize our skills and knowledge to promote and inform others of these principles both upward in the distribution chain as well as downward to the products end use and including safe and acceptable disposal practices.