Community Outreach

Our company vision statement calls for the utilization of our resources to promote the formation of partnerships with our customers, suppliers, fellow employees and our community.

Quality is a distinguishing attribute of Partnership.

The Directors believe that a true partnership is one in which a full or fair portion of value is exchanged and understood between our company and the community. In that regard, the company will be involved in its community to provide knowledge of the role Distributors play in hazardous chemical stewardship. Along with this involvement, will be data concerning risk assessment and educational information to assist the customer and neighbor in a better understanding of chemicals and the products made from chemicals. The company and its employees will be well informed of the value our industry plays in the safe production of many critical goods consumed in our society. Promoting a positive attitude about the safety by which we provide these products throughout our community will be the driving force behind our outreach program.

Education and risk assessment will also be communicated in the event of an emergency. Informing governmental agencies and community leaders will help promote future regulatory responsibility toward and involving our industry.