Waste Water Treatment: Municipal

ChemGroup has been a leading supplier to the Municipal Water Treatment Market since 1980. With a complete product line and great logistics we are able to meet the demanding needs of our customers. We carry the Commodity and Specialty Chemicals you need and welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. Ask your ChemGroup sales representative how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


PHOSPHATES: Carus Chemical, the worldwide leader in Phosphate applications, has partnered with the ChemGroup allowing us to distribute their most cost-effective and highest performing NSF approved products. These products will eliminate lead, copper, iron, manganese, and corrosion control issues in drinking water. Detailed water analysis and coupon studies are available as part of our service.

CHLORINATION: Sodium Hypochlorite is manufactured using the latest, state of the art technology, providing longer lasting strength with lower impurities. Chlorine-liquid can be supplied in 150 lb or 1 ton cylinders. Ceodeux series D174 valves are used to provide additional safety, and ease of operation.

THM / TOC REDUCTION: Using a complete line of Coagulants (Ferric Chloride, Aluminum Sulfate, and other), Flocculants (Cationic, Anionic Polymers), and Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC products), THM and TOC levels can be met or exceeded. Our sales staff is trained to conduct jar tests to provide the best possible options, to prepare for plant trials. Also available is our complete line of granular and powdered activated carbon products (bituminous coal, coconut shell, and wood).

IRON & MANGANESE OXIDATION: Using USA manufactured Potassium Permanganate (anhydrous) or Sodium Permanganate 20% liquid permanganate, Fe & Mn issues can be resolved in an inexpensive manner.

ALGAE CONTROL: Copper Sulfate, Potassium Permanganate and other treatment chemicals are kept in inventory to control algae blooms in the summertime.

FLUORIDE: Both dry and liquid packaging options are available.

EPA APPROVED SAFETY TRAINING: Detailed chemical safety and application training classes have been approved by EPA for contact hours for both water and wastewater licenses. Programs available in 2 and 4 hour sessions, are brought directly to plants and taught by experts in the field of treatment When it snows you need it…CHEMGROUP offers a complete line of liquid and solid ICE MELT products to meet your needs. Following recent strong winter conditions and strong demand future supply is projected to continue to be tight.

Featured Products

NOTE: The Products and Services Listed respresent only the most requested.
Most products are available in a variety of grades and approvals including: Industrial, Technical, USP, Food Grade, Kosher and Reagent.
Calcium Hypochlorite Granular Sodium Bisulfite 38% liquid
Calcium Hypochlorite Pellet Sodium Metabisulfate (anhydrous)
Chlorine, Liquid Sodium Thiosulfate 30% liquid
Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% liquid Sodium Thiosulfate (anhydrous)
Ferric Chloride 38% liquid HYDROGEN SULFIDE (H2S) ODOR
Aluminum Sulfate 50% liquid Activated Carbon (KOH impregnated)
Sodium Aluminate 50% liquid Calcium Nitrate 66% liquid
SLUDGE DEWATERING Caustic Soda 50% liquid
Polymer (anhydrous, emulsion, & solution) Hydrogen Peroxide
Anionic Potassium Permanganate
Cationic Sodium Permanganate 20% liquid
Non-Anionic Sodium Hypochlorite 12.5% liquid
Lime (anhydrous & liquid) Totalox®
Magnesium Hydroxide 50% liquid
Metering Pumps
Feed equipment

Exceeding Our Customer’s Expectations
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