Ice Melt

When it snows you need it… The ChemGroup offers a complete line of liquid and solid ICE MELT products to meet your needs including anti-icing and de-icing chemistries in both liquid and solid forms. Due to recent winter conditions and strong demand, supply is projected to continue to be tight.

We recommend that our customers exercise contracts and pre-buy options. We can support your efforts and maintain inventory in multiple warehouses and are able to customize solutions to meet the needs of our customers. For more information please contact our sales staff. Delivery options include box trucks, flatbeds, semi-trailers or customer pickup is available.

Featured Products

NOTE: The Products and Services Listed respresent only the most requested.
Most products are available in a variety of grades and approvals including: Industrial, Technical, USP, Food Grade, Kosher and Reagent.
Calcium Chloride – Pellet & Flake Sodium Formate
Calcium Chloride — liquid Urea
CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) Anti-Icing – Pretreatment
Custom Made Blends De-icing - No-Tracking, slip or fall for Malls, Retail parking lots
Magnesium Chloride — Pellet & Flake
Rock Salt

Exceeding Our Customer’s Expectations
Bonded Chemicals, Inc.- Serving Central and NE Ohio and Pennsylvania – (614)777-9240
Chemical Services, Inc. – Serving Northern Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Northern Indiana –(937)898-5566
Chemicals, Inc. – Serving Central Indiana and Southern Ohio – (513)682-2000
Chemical Resources, Inc. – Serving Kentucky, Southern Indiana, W. Virginia –(502)367-2228
Specialty Chemical Co. LLC – Serving Tennessee, Georgia, Carolinas, Alabama –(423)479-9664